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Medium-term Management Plan

Long-term Vision

By serving a noble cause of offering more value with less price,
we, as an integrated food company, are committed to improving customers’ affluent life.

Basic Policy and Strategy toward FY2026

Medium-term Vision

Seek to consistently grow our businesses with a focus on the Gyomu Super Business by enhancing private label products.

Basic Policy and Strategy

1. Expand Restaurant & Delicatessen Business
2. Strengthen production capacity of private label items produced by our plants
3. Consistently grow Gyomu Super Business

Key Measures

1. Open new Gyomu Super stores consistently to exceed 1,130 stores.

2. Increase product shipments to existing Gyomu Super stores by 2% or higher year on year.

3. Increase the PB ratio to 37%.

4. Invest more than 10 billion yen in our group's plants annually to strengthen domestic PB products.

5. Encourage our franchisees to introduce energy-saving refrigeration equipment and automatic ordering systems to improve efficiency in store operations.

6. Open new shops consistently in the Restaurant & Delicatessen Business and start franchising Premium Karubi.

Consolidated Numerical Targets

(Millions of yen)

  FY2023 actual FY2026 target
Net sales 461,546 543,000
Operating profit 30,717 37,000
ROIC 13.6% Maintain 10% or higher,
aiming for growth every year

The forward-looking statements contained in this material are estimated based on information available to us at the time of this announcement. Accordingly, actual measures and results may differ significantly from the results anticipated in these forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors.

Targets for Achievement of Long-term Vision

1. Expand the Gyomu Super chain to reach over 1,500 stores

2. Raise the PB ratio to 40% or higher

3. Achieve a total of over 500 shops for all brands of the Restaurant & Delicatessen Business

4. Reduce the SG&A ratio by investing in distribution centers

5. Raise the consolidated operating margin to 10% or higher